Sri Ram Vidyapeeth. Change the way India studies...

It is time to change the way India studies…

Sri Ram Vidyapeeth is having art of state infrastructure in 32 cities with all the facilities on campus for student welfare.

It is time to change the way India studies…

32 Cities, 36 Institutions
Institute of Health & Medical
Sciences, 106 Centers

Environment Conservation/Agriculture/Soil Conservation Program

Environment Conservation/Agriculture/Soil Conservation Program: Continuing the work from last year Sri Ram Vidyapeeth & DPS Social Society work very aggressively on this front. The initiative works towards ensuring year-round food security of communities across the India, promotion of allied livelihood interventions such as forest based livelihoods, animal husbandry, improved agriculture, etc., promoting microfinance through community based institutions; and developing strategic partnerships with various stakeholders for promoting livelihood of communities. Amongst other things:
(a) promoting agricultural diversification by demonstrating and popularizing alternate cropping systems to the presently widely prevailing practice of cultivating rice, wheat; and
(b) demonstrating the benefits of Integrated Pest. All efforts in this endeavour are directed to minimize over-exploitation of groundwater, improve soil health and reduce cost of cultivation through judicious use of agro chemicals. SRV & DPS Social Society plants this year also around 1500 plants with the help of Horticultural Department & also organize various awareness for environmental conservation.

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