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It is time to change the way India studies…

Sri Ram Vidyapeeth is having art of state infrastructure in 32 cities with all the facilities on campus for student welfare.

It is time to change the way India studies…

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Fresh Water/Cleanliness & Sanitization Program

Fresh Water/Cleanliness & Sanitization Program: Most of the diseases prevalent in rural India are due to lack of sanitation and poor quality of drinking water. Ground water gets contaminated from field defecation and excess use of pesticides and fertilizers — causing gastroenteritis, jaundice, diarrhea, typhoid, and other diseases. Part of the problem is that the villagers are often unaware of the issues, and do not appear to mind the buildup of public garbage or want to change the latrine habits to which they are accustomed. A cleanliness drive is an integral part of the Society’s activity. It includes spreading the knowledge on soak pits, stand posts with taps, latrines, street sweeping and garbage disposal.
Soak pits are initially introduced to homes that are closest to the three or four main village streets, so that their domestic water does not flow into these streets. We believe that after a critical mass is reached, we should witness an exponential growth.
With a view to brand all water and sanitation projects under one umbrella, the Society have initiated the ‘Swach Jal Abhiyan’. Primary objectives of ‘Swach Jal Abhyan’ are to create awareness among the communities about safe drinking water across the country and its impact on health. This campaign would be operationalized over the coming year. The Society would also work towards spreading its water and sanitation interventions across poorvanchal Uttar Pradesh.

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