Sri Ram Vidyapeeth. Change the way India studies...

It is time to change the way India studies…

Sri Ram Vidyapeeth is having art of state infrastructure in 32 cities with all the facilities on campus for student welfare.

It is time to change the way India studies…

32 Cities, 36 Institutions
Institute of Health & Medical
Sciences, 106 Centers

Income Enhancement Program

Income Enhancement Program: The Income Enhancement program focuses on agriculture and entrepreneurship. It facilitates the setting up of mutually beneficial working relationships between appropriate parties to generate means of supplementing the villagers’ income.
Workshops popular with the young men of the youth clubs include sessions on personal goal setting, having a positive attitude about their village, the value of taking on community responsibility, and applied problem solving. The curriculum includes information on socially sensitive issues like reproductive health, which are discussed only after a rapport has been established between the instructor and the students.
So far 684 girls have passed out from the FLE centers. Each batch of girls goes through a six-month curriculum.
Self Help Groups (SHGs) are a proven tool to economically empower women and increase their participation in the family and community. Almost all indicators of our Self Help Groups (SHGs) are positive. Over 95% of the members are saving regularly. There is no default in loan repayment, and the share of productive loans versus consumption loans is steadily increasing.
The SHG women are receptive to new ideas, as they have directly benefited from the Society’s activities. They become keen to improve conditions in their villages and are trained by the Society on various development issues.
These women spread positive messages among other women in the community. The Society’s Family Life Education program addresses the issues of literacy, gender sensitization and skills training that will help youth to have a better quality of life.

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