Sri Ram Vidyapeeth. Change the way India studies...

It is time to change the way India studies…

Sri Ram Vidyapeeth is having art of state infrastructure in 32 cities with all the facilities on campus for student welfare.

It is time to change the way India studies…

32 Cities, 36 Institutions
Institute of Health & Medical
Sciences, 106 Centers
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Admission Rules & Regulations

Each academic year starts from January/July and ends in December/May next year.

75% of attendance is compulsory to appear in the final examination and long leaves are only permitted if prior permission is taken from the office incharge / principal in written only.

There will be regular Theoretical and Practical training at the training centre starting from 9.00 AM/10.00AM daily except Sunday and gazetted holidays.

As per the policies of the Vidyapeeth the admission is provided to limited number of students to provide them good quality of education in their respective fields for which the admission is only provided to the selected candidate only after approval by the selection committee after conducting face to face viva/interview with the candidate. The rights of admission confirmation are reserved with the Principal/Registrar/Management of the Institute.

Rights of Admission: Reserved with the Principal of concern Institute. He reserves the right to reject any application for admission, cancel any confirmed admission or even rusticate the student in the middle of the session / academic year with the approval of the president / management of the institute, thereby without assigning any reason for the same.

Age: There is No Age restriction for any of the courses.

Sex: Both sexes are eligible in any of the courses.

Fees: For any charges / Fees deposited in the office, the receipt should be obtained for the same and kept safely. Fees once deposited are neither adjustable nor refundable in any circumstances.

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