Sri Ram Vidyapeeth. Change the way India studies...

It is time to change the way India studies…

Sri Ram Vidyapeeth is having art of state infrastructure in 32 cities with all the facilities on campus for student welfare.

It is time to change the way India studies…

32 Cities, 36 Institutions
Institute of Health & Medical
Sciences, 106 Centers
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SRV Schools

About Us

The SRV Schools, a joint setup between Sri Ram Vidyapeeth, promoted by the founders of The Sri Ram Vidyapeeth Trust, and Sri Ram Infrastructure and School Management Limited (SRISML), a subsidiary of SR Constructions, imbibes the core ideals enshrined in the pedagogical philosophy of The SRV Schools (TSRVS), encouraging students to develop sound ethical values and instilling in them sensitivity, respect, integrity, the pursuit of excellence and pride in one’s own heritage within a safe and nurturing environment. The first school will start functioning from academic session of 2013-2014.

The Sri Ram School provides opportunities and a positive environment in which children are encouraged to achieve their fullest potential. In an atmosphere of mutual support, equality and dignity, each child is given the opportunity to strive for excellence within the framework of an extensive and diverse curriculum.

The SRV school does not believe in corporal punishment. We endeavour to instill a sense of self discipline in the children and in this respect, the students and the staff have evolved a code of conduct relating to people, work, and the school environment.


It is our aim to assist the children entrusted to our care, to become good citizens of India. Therefore we intend to:-

  • Make the students realize their dignity as children of God.
  • Develop their physical, intellectual, moral, social, creative and aesthetic faculties.
  • Cultivate in them love and appreciation for their culture and traditions.
  • Inculcate in them the sense of values.
  • Foster in them social awareness.
  • Prepare them to face the challenges of life.


The mission of The SRV School is to provide each student a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes sound values, self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning. The school joins with parents and community to assist the students in developing skills to become independent self sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.

  • The word ‘Sri’ has multiple and expanded connotations.
  • This auspicious prefix is added to various mantras.
  • It symbolizes the perfectly balanced interaction of active and receptive principles.
  • It is the fusion of the knower and known. It’s literal meaning is wealth – of virtue or excellence.
  • The word is also associated with intellect and understanding and is often used as a honorific prefix to names of deities and persons.
  • It stands for ultimate enlightenment.


SRV School eligibility criteria for Admission Info:

Foundation: Minimum age 2 years as on 31st March of the year of admission

Prep Junior: 3+ years as on 31st March of the year of admission

Prep Senior: 4+ years as on 31st March of the year of admission

Grade 1: Age 5+ years on 31st March of the year of admission

Students offered admission are required to submit the following documents along with their Registration Form:

  • 4 Passport Size Photographs & 1 of each parent, duly affixed on the form.
  • Original Transfer Certificate from previous School, which should be a recognized School, affiliated to the CBSE Board or State Board of Education. Transfer certificate to be signed by DEO if transferred from other states.
  • A Medical Certificate from a qualified registered doctor, showing the record of vaccination/immunization etc. as well as mention of any particular ailment or health condition about which school ought to know.
  • Photocopy of Parents’ Qualifications & Occupations.

Apart from the above mentioned documents, attested photocopy of the following documents, together with originals, will have to be shown for verification. Originals will be returned to parents after the completion of the process:

  • Birth Certificate issued by Civic Authorities
  • Evidence of passing the last class or promotion to the present class
  • Proof of residence of the child (Ration Card/ voter’s ID/Passport)


There is no written admission test for junior classes, but for Grade III onwards, an interview & a written test is taken. For Grades below III, an informal interaction/interview is conducted.

The test will be held for English, Hindi, Mathematics and/or any other subject which may be considered necessary.

  • The selection of the candidates will depend upon the child's performance in the test/ interview and availability of seats in the concerned class.
  • Assessment of the child for admission is also based on the following factors:
    • Academic readiness and motivation
    • Social and emotional development
    • Family co-operation in working with the school and meeting the needs of the students
    • Ability of the school to serve the needs of the child
  • The date of the result of the interview & the last date for the submission of fee will be specified at the time of the test/interview.
  • Based on the Admission Test and other criteria, the School reserves the right to admit any student who is found fit for admission or refuse admission without assigning any reason. For all matters related to admissions, the decision of the School Head/Management will be final.


Our Admission Team is ready to work with you on processing your child's application to SRV School and to get you started on their path to success. If questions pertaining to any of the admission policies or procedures arise, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail the Admissions Office of the SRV School.


Good education is a joint effort of the school and parents. Though the school can do a lot for the child it cannot do everything. The home is the first place where the child gets its basic education. The education of your child can b completed only with the help of your full co-operation.

  • Parents are advised to allow the children, limited watching of T.V. programmes except those conducive for educational use. Habitual watching of movies/listening to field songs all the time may take the child away from realities of life.
  • The child should be encouraged to cultivate the habit of cleanliness in his/her work and person.
  • It is the duty of the parents to see that their child comes to school clean, neatly dressed and in time for the class.
  • The parents are requested not to visit the teachers during the class hours nor at their residence. All school matters will be dealt in the school office.
  • Parents are not allowed to meet any student or staff without the explicit permission the principal.
  • Parents/guardians are expected to co-operate with the school in enforcing regularity and discipline in the children guiding them to prepare their lessons at home and take active and helpful interest in the activities of the school.
  • Criticism of students, teachers or school in his/her presence should be strictly avoided. Should you have a legitimate complaint, contact the principal.
  • If you fee that your child does not make the desired progress and you want to discuss the welfare of the child, you should contact the principal after the first terminal examinations.
  • Private tuitions are strongly discouraged. Teachers and parents are cautioned that if they indulge in tuition without the permission of the principal, strict action will be taken against them.
  • To take students during the school hours, in case of emergency, the parents themselves should come or send the guardians / a responsible person, with a letter of authorization. No telephone calls will be entertained in this regard.
  • Parents are particularly expected to sign progress reports and occasional reports from teachers which are in the school diary. These should be seen and countersigned regularly. Failure to do so may put the children to a great inconvenience.
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